Reputation Management

Let us help you regain control of your image online

Reputation Management - Take Back Control

Don't suffer in silence. Every online reputation issue can be resolved. The important thing is not to let the situation fester. By using Chance and Fat's reputation management service you will receive expert guidance so that you can act decisively and quickly.

Social Media

We can help you to maximise positive customer engagement on all of the major social networks. We know what kind of content can attract positive engagement in terms of ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ so that you can easily reposition negative content.


If you have a nuisance ‘hate site’ that is appearing in the search engine results pages close to your organisation’s pages, we can use advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques to re-position such content so that they are not in front of your customers.


We can help you to manage your reviews so that you can encourage more customers to leave positive feedback, and work with you to develop strategies that minimise the occurrence of negative feedback.
We can also help you to approach media organisation to challenge reviews that are fake or malicious.